Thursday, 14 January 2010

Freja ( the wife)

Freja is the goddess of love and fertility. She is supposed to be married to an ordinary man, but you almost never see him. Otherwise she lives alone in the beautiful house Folkvagn. When she travels around in Asgard, she travels in a wagon dragged by two giant cats. Her big eyestone is her neck ring Brisingamen, which she always carries with her. Freja is the owner of many magical animal skins that she lends out to other gods. The other gods are borrowing those from her to transform into animals, especially birds. She also has a weekday named after her, and that’s Friday (fredag in Swedish). Don’t you see the similarities?
/ Lisa, Rebecca Ö, Sara W

SAGA - the one who can see everything

Saga is a relative to the aesir gods. But her origin is forgotten. She is the storytellers and the hitorical goddess. Saga helped those who begged for inspiration to the their stories. Saga lives in the house Sökkvabäck by the ocean, where the waves roar. This was one of Oden's favourite places and he often visited Saga and changed histories. He also tasted her excellent wine, always served in a golden beaker.
/ Matilda, Sandra, Anna

My name is Jenny Mäkikaltio and I’m 17 years old. I live in Sweden, in a town called Luleå, with my family and my dog.

I’m in my second year at upper secondary school, I’m specialize Health and wellness, a sport program. On my sparetime I like to do a lot of things. I like to eat, to work out, just be with my friends and just take each day as it will!

Have a nice day!