Thursday, 27 May 2010

Emilia's evaluation

I think this e-twinning project have been a lot of fun!
We got to see how you live and what you like to do for fun, which turned out to be quite similar to what we do. Seeing all the pictures and videos made me very eager to go abroad. The only negative thing doing this project was that I got so sick and tired of spending my time in cold and dark Sweden and it looked so nice being were you where…

But right now (in Sweden) it’s becoming a little bit warmer and the sun is shining most of the time. Spring-time! It’s lovely.
It was very fun to see your videos and photos and to read all that you’ve written!

Best regards

Emilia Thurfjell

Camilla's evaluation

Everything has been positive and it has been fun to see others' cultures and histories.
I can not think of anything negative with this.

Kind regards Camilla

Rebecka E's evaluation

I think projekt have been very funny and interesting to read about other teens, and their cultures and their history.
I can't find anything that have been negative with this projekt!
Kind regards Rebecka E

Ellinor's evaluation

I think that the collaboration with e-twinnig has been a fun project. I have learned a lot about other cultures in different countries. I have learned about the differences between the students in my school and the students in other countries, but allso about the similarities between us. The biggest difference between us students are not our interests or hobys, it is how our schools works.
Best regards, Ellinor

Awara evaluation

I think that e-twinning has been a interesting project. I have not lernt more English but
It has been fun to learn about yours countries and culture. I think this e-twinning thing is interesting but more suitable for other subjects. Best regards /Awara

Learn a Swedish Song

Pierre's Evaluation

hello everybody!
the e-twinning project has been very interesting. It has been fun to read about your every day life and it's positive that we can learn from each other.
Sometimes it has been very much reading but i think it was worth all that!

Best regards, Pierre