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Trolls are looking like humans, but they always have small features that shows that they are trolls, that can for example often be a little tail. There are some different types of trolls, some are very ugly while others are very beautiful. There are very hard to se a troll because they are very shy and they can also transform into other things like a stone, an animal or a chair. Many of the trolls are very old and they are counting their age after how many woods they have seen growing up and rotten down.

It is not just their appearance that is the same as humans, they also live like us. They can have animals and neighbours and so on, but they live under the ground or in caves in south and middle of Sweden.

Sanna & Johanna


My name Is Sanna Isaksson. I’m 17 years old and live in Sweden, Luleå. Along with my younger brother, mum and dad we live in an apartment. I go to upper secondary school with specialize on health and wellness, at the sport program. On my spare time I coach girls borne in 1997 and 1998 in basketball. Also, I coach phys training for football girls. I play basketball with a mixed team, both boys and girls. Despite this I like to travel and hang out with my friends.


My name is Johanna Andersson. I’m 17 years old and I study at an Upper Secondary School in Luleå, Sweden. In my spare time I’m with my friends a lot. I also play soccer and I like to exercise different kinds of workout too. That’s why my specializing at the Sportsprogram is Health and wellness.

I'm the one to the left in the picutre on the right side is my friend Anna-karin.

Rebecka E.

Hello! My name is Rebecka Enström. I live in the north part of Sweden, Luleå. I study at the sports programme and I´m specializing in Health and Healtcare. On my spare time i like to be with my friends, training and travel.
I live with my mum, dad and my two younger sisters in a house.
In the future I want to be a nurse.


Hi! My name is Matilda and I am seventeen years old, soon to be eighteen. I study at Upper Secondary school and I’m specializing in Health and wellness. In my spare time I like to workout at the gym and hang out with my friends and my boyfriend. I also like travelling a lot! I live in an apartment close to the city with my whole family, my mum and dad and two siblings. I’m the oldest. And we also have a dog too.

Myths about the “little people”!

In Sweden their has been many stories and myths about the “little people” (småfolk). In the stories it is told that the little people are living next to the humans. Some of them are very helpful and just want to live side by side whit the humans.
They are living in the human barns and help us with our cattle. Because of that we give them food. Classical Swedish food like the traditional meatballs and Christmas porridge.

There are also another kind of the “little people”, they are called “Vittror” and they are not as help- and peaceful as the others. These funny little people are living in the forest and always hang around with their families. So, if you sometime will go out deep into the Swedish forest to pick fungus you should watch where you put your feet so you don’t step into a nest of a “Vittra”. If you do, the “Vittra” will come after you and put their range upon you for ever and eternity.
Nowadays there are not as visible as they were back in the days. Some thinks that the reason to that is because the humans today just run around like crazy rabbits and don’t have the time to take care and appreciate all the help the “little people” actually gave us. Other people just don’t think that the “little people” exist and therefore just show of the whole idea.

Love from
/ Jacob, Fernando, Pierre & Elin

Sandra N

My name is Sandra Nordkvist and I’m from Piteå in the north of Sweden but live in my own apartment in Luleå. I’m seventeen years old and studying at the sports program in the upper secondary school in Luleå, I’m specializing in health and Wellness.

I have 3 brothers; they are twenty-four, twenty-two and fifteen years old. At my spare time I like training, travel, hangout with my friends and shopping. A few years ago I stopped playing handball and football and I miss it a lot. After upper secondary school I will study to become a physiotherapist.
Back in the days people with tuberculosis was treated at a sanatorium in a city in the north of Sweden. Many of the patients couldn’t tell if they were going to survive the disease. Some of them was cured, some was not…
Today the hospital is shut down and left untouched. All the tools, beds, health equipment and towels can still be found in the rooms. People come from different places in Sweden to see this old building. They find it exiting from hearing all the stories about ghost voices and spirits running down the hall.
Unfortunately this has lead to destruction. People have thrown dishes on the floor and broken chairs. Some of the pillows are ripped open. Mirrors and windows are smashed and doors are shattered.
Our friend has been at the sanatorium, she’s been telling us a story about that night she visited this old ghost house. When they arrived they stepped out of the car. The night was as black as you could imagine. Two, of the totally five friends, turned back to the car after about ten meters walking towards the house. They had only brought one lighter, which would turn to be a mistake.
The entering door was old, grumpy and unlocked. They felt the bittersweet smell directly when they entered. They started walking along the hallway, to the left they saw a big lounge and to the right there was a narrow stair downwards to a basement. They all felt chills on their backs but all of them refused to show their fear in front of the others.
They chose to defy their fears and walk down the stairs. In the basement they found an empty pool. In the right corner of the pool they thought they saw a shadow of a small boy but when they looked back again the shadow had disappeared. They didn’t waste much time to consider what kind of shape it was. Suddenly they heard a loud scream and they all frozed to ice. They looked each other ineyes for two seconds then started screaming like babies and ran out of the house as fast as they could. They never returned to the house again. All that's left is the stories.
/ Lisa, Sara, Rebecca


My name is Frida Åkeblom. I’m seventeen years old. I live in Luleå in Sweden. I live with my mum and dad and my little sister, she is eight years old. At my sparetime I play football, be with my friends, travel and shopping. I studying at the sports program in the upper secondary school. I’m specializing in health & wellness. In the future I would like to travel and I want to see the whole world. After upper secondary school should I become a tourist guide.

Local ghost myths in Boden

Boden’s Army museum is haunted. Windows are cracking, music from nowhere and steps in an empty hallway. “It’s nice that their here, as long their good to us” says Annakarin Ronnback, Chief of the museum.

It started about a month ago, with the big windows in the entry. They were cracking up without any explanation. 7 of them of them broke and the company that made them is now running tons of different tests to find out what’s happening. “We still do not know what’s happening, the creator is putting in a lot of energy in trying to fix this. It’s sad but the building is insured. We have to do something about this.” Says Annakarin Ronnback and adding: “Maybe it’s our ghosts that’s behind this”

Mystical sounds

Several of the employees at the museum have experienced strange things in the house: Monitors turned on, a music box is playing, children laughing and noise from upstairs even though no one has been there. They even called the emergency operator sometimes cause the alarm went off when some locked windows were opened and snow came into the building during the night.

Where are the ghosts from?

Parts of the building were a hospital many years ago, during the Spanish flu 1914 a lot of people died, even children. Maybe they’re trying to catch our attention now. The employee doesn’t feel in danger at least.
“The ghosts seem nice. It’s usually when you’re going home that you can hear them. Maybe they don’t want us to leave.” Says Anna-Karin Ronnback.

Have you done anything about this?

We haven't done anything so far and we're not going to, it seems that people come here just because they want to see the ghosts.

The ghost train in Jokkmokk

For a long time ago, in 1938, a Swedish newspaper named Stockholm-newspaper published the best ghost stories. The stories have actually happend to real people and are recounted in the magazine.This story we now are about to tell you happend to a warm religious and completly trustful person in 1933. These events took place in a village called Njautijaur in Jokkmokk.A company of people travelling by horse were on their way home from a danceshow in a neighbour village when the horse suddenly stopped. The people in the sleigh were very shocked when they saw a train passing by in the middle of nowhere. How can a train be driving here? they all thought, the closest trainway was 3 miles away. They were shocked and suprised when they discovered that the travelers were headless...

After many promtings and lashes the coachman finally got the horse to move again. The horse sat of in fast speed and didn't stop before they reach their home village. When they arrived the horse was in total panic. Some of the women who had experienced the event were in nervous shock weeks after the horrible night. A few a days later a simular event happened to a lapp family, consisting of a father, mother and daughter. When they were walking next to the village they met a strange creature. The creature got everybodys hair standing right up in the air. Not at least the reindeers whos hair along the spine stood straight up and their tails as well. The reindeers backed quickly, tore loose from their leders and sat of lighting fast into the forest. A woman in one of the sleds didn't managed to throw herself out from the sled and followed the reindeers into the forest. When they passed a mire she succeded to jump off, but the puppy who where in the same sled followed the reindeers deep into the woods, and hasn't been found yet...This creature also looked like a human but were headless, just like the passengers in the train...

Retelled by: Mikaela & Beccy


My name is Awara, I’m 17 years old and I live in town named Luleå.

I study in a sport secondary school/ football.

The school is quite modern I think (it used to be a hospital)

Luleå is a small town with 70000 inhabitants.

Luleå is in northern Sweden.

Sweden's climate is very cold, especially Luleå

The winters last for 7-8 months and the “summers” lasts for 2-3 months.

In my spare time I like being with my friends and watch fotboll when Real Madrid plays.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


My name is Ellinor and I am 17 years old. I live with my family in a little town in Sweden called Luleå. I'm in my second year at upper Secondary school, the sports programme specialized in Health and wellness.

I love to spend my time with my friends, and to make dinners or to bake cookies with them. The worst thing I know is to be hungry, I so I always have something to eat with me in my bag. After you have read this you maybe think that I should have been growing really tall and strong of all the food, but actually I am a very short and weak girl with red hair. That is something I am used to hear from my friend Emilia :)

Swedish myths and legends, Näcken

According to ancient folklore (with a lot of different local variations) Näcken is a supernatural man who lives in seas, lakes, streams and rivers. His mission is to enchant and drown people with his outstanding and fascinating fiddle. When people hear the music they become enchanted and follow the sound that’s coming from the water. He’s lurking people in the stream which’ll be their death; they’ll end up dead because they drowned themselves walking towards the music.
Some myths say that Näcken was the best folk musician of them all and that he was willing to teach the humans how to play. But having Näcken as your teacher brought great danger and the student often ended up in an addiction of supernatural powers. Many of them played until they loosed their minds. People who listened to the music started dancing and they as well couldn’t stop. The only way to break this spell was for someone to cut off the violin strings.

Näcken is most often naked when he plays, hence his name, which means naked. You often picture him with quite long brown hair with seagrass in it. He always looks sad, like something’s torturing him. The legends says the reason why he lurks people in the water is that he’s feeling lonely and wants to be alone no more.
Some says that Näcken can take different shapes. He often turns himself into a white horse. We call it Bäckahästen (Horse of the river). Bäckahästen is an insidious predator which lurks children to ride on its back. It doesn’t matter how many children there are, Bäckahästen only gets longer and longer. When Bäckahästen has entertained the children for a while he jumps into the water and drown them all. The only way to stop Bäckahästen is to throw a piece of steel between the Bäckahäst and the water. Then the spell is broken and Bäckahästen loses its power.

The legend of Näcken is probably invented to discourage children from going anywhere near water. The sound that water makes, is similar to fiddle. The phenomenon Näcken was more common a couple of generations ago, nowadays we almost never hear him play…


Hi! My name is Emilia Thurfjell. I'm 17 years old and I'm in my second year at upper secondary school. I'm studying at the sports-programme and I'm specializing in Health and Wellness in Luleå, Sweden. I'm studying the social sciences.

At Health and Wellness we do a lot of different activities. We are running, strenght training, dancing and so on. We also get to learn about how to be healthy, but that doesn't work for me because my favourite food is (as it always have been and always will be) - fast food. Especially hamburgers! :D
I LOVE candy and eats it almost every day.
In my sparetime I spend a lot of time with my friends.
I like to have fun and I laugh a lot! :)

Sunday, 13 December 2009


My name is Anna, and I’m seventeen years old. I study sports program at upper secondary school. My specialization is football. In my spare time I play football, and hang out with my friends and boyfriend. I also like to travel, to warm countries.. ;)

I live in an apartment in the city with my mum and two brothers. Sometimes I also live in a house with my dad and his wife and two more brothers, I’m the only girl. :(
In the future I would like to study to become police.

That's was all I had to say! Take care! ;)

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My name is Victoria and I'm seventeen years old.
I'm in Upper Secondary school, the sports programme specialized in Heslth and wellness.
I live with my mother, father, brother, sister and dog named Zeb.
On my spare time I like to work out at the gym and hanging out with my friends.
I also interested in music and used to play the guitar but not anymore.
I like the winter and love to go snowboarding.

That's all from me.


Josefin A

My name is Josefin Andersson and I´m seventeen years old. I live with my family and our dog named Betty in Luleå, Sweden. I´m studying my second year on the sports program and I´m specialized in Health and wellness.

In my spare time I like to watch TV series such as Desperate housewives, Gossip girl, The Hills, One tree hill and much more. I also like beeing with my friends and to do other things.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Swedish myths

Black Madame
The myth of Black Madame tells you that if you stand in front of a mirror in a bathroom with the lights off and speak out the words: Black Madame, Black Madame, the daughter of the devil, show yourself. During the time you are pronouncing the spell you shall splash some water at the mirror. Then Black Madame shall appear in the mirror.
Many people have tried this and some of them are saying that they've seen her in the mirror and some are saying that they haven't. But I guess you'll never know until you've tried it by yourself..

The spirit in the glass
The spirit in the glass is like a game where you draw all the letters in the alphabet A-Z together with the numbers 0-9 and the words YES, NO, I DON'T KNOW and also START, FINISH. The words must be in a circle as big as the glass you are using.
A mirror should never be in the same room where you are playing this game because the spirit can appear as a reflection in the mirror and then get upset. The spirit will shatter the mirror into pieces.
In the game you need to have a glass and the glass should preferably be warmed-up before. E.G by your hands or by breathing in the glass. The first question you shall ask is if there's a friendly spirit in the room and the participant that is asking the question has to hold the glass to his mouth. Then put the glass upside-down at START, at the game pad and all the participants shall place a finger on the top of the glass. The glass always has to stay upside-down. In order each participant gets to ask a question to the spirit and the glass will slide across the numbers and the letters on the game pad and reveal an answer.
You are not allowed to ask questions about death or the devil.
The game should preferably be exercised in the dark.
Whether it's the spirit himself that is answering the questions or the participants that are moving the glass, you can not really know..
Let's hope that your opponents are honest and fair players.

Fernando and Jacob

My name is Jacob (Jake the cookie) Westman and I’m seventeen years old. Im studying my second year at the sports programme in Luleå. I’m specializing in football. I have chosen to study social science as my base subject. I live with my parents and my two little brothers. When I’m not in school I practise football and when I got time over I hang out with my friends. Now you maybe wonder how we can play football all the year round up here in the snow?
Then I can tell you that we have a special indoor football field inside a great hall, the Arcushall.

Hi there fellows! My name is Fernando Holmqvist Amu! I’m 18 years old, and I’m also studying at the sports programme in Luleå. I’m specializing in football. In my spare time I love to play piano and guitar, hang out with friends and make delicious food with Jake the cookie.


My name is Oskar Kyräs and I am 17 years old and live in a town called Boden.
I go to upper secondary school in luleå at the sports program specialized on basketball. In school, I have a lot of different social science classes.

In my free time I like to play basketball and hang out with friends. I have 1 real brother who is 16 and I got a half-brother and a half-sister, they are 15 and 17 years old. My favourite tv show is One Tree Hill.

Mikaela & Beccy


My name is Rebecca Öystilä and I'm 17 years old. I'm studying at the sports programme with specializing in health and wellness. I have chosen to study social sciences, and that is my base subjects. In my spare time I play football, train at the gym and hang out with friends. My family consist of 4 people, my mother Carina, my father Robert, my younger brother Robin and me. We also have a dog, called Simba. We all live in a house in Luleå, Sweden.


My name is Mikaela Hedstig and I'm 17 years old. I study health and healthcare at the sports programme in Luleå, Sweden. In my spare time i like to dance ballet, contemporary and jazz, watch Desperate Housewives and eat all kinds of chocolate.

Ghost of the glases!

Ghost of the glases

To play the spirit of the glass you must be at least two persons. The playing field consists of a large paper with rings where each ring consists of one letter of the alphabet. There are also eleven rings with numbers between 0-10. You draw the rings by yourself by holding a round object on paper and then draw around it. Also draw a ring for the startpoint where the glass assume from after every question. Place a tea light on the start point and light it and put the glass over it. Then each member place a finger on the glass to see the answer to your question. To interrupt the game you take the glass away from the gameplan.
* Do not ask about the Spirit without permission
* Never ask about death
* Be serious, play with serious people
* Exit nicely by saying "thank you and goodbye" to the glass
* If a candle goes out, run away!
* Stop if the Spirit writes 666
* Ask the Spirit of God to play

This is a story about a Swedish girl called Annika Nilsson. When she was a child and teenager, she was fascinated by ghosts , warewolves, monsters and yoga. She also had out-of-body experiences. Once during the upper secondary school time, Annika and her friends decided to play “ghost in the glass” and it worked. They asked questions and the spirit gave them sensible answers across the letters. But they were nasty answers.
The glass said: “Come to me” and began to rotate really fast over the table. One guy did not get any response and when they asked why, “the spirit of the glass” replied : "I do not tolerate him. “I am Satan!"
We got a shock. Blinds were drawn up. I thought that we were looking for God but found Satan instead. Everyone was terrified and crying. We called two priests on duty, but they did not take us seriously," says Annika Faith in the magazine the World No 16 to 980,911. Annika was later saved and got a completely different perspective on life. Nowadays her life is to be a witness for Jesus. This is another example of when Satan reveals himself in the occult and in such "games / experiments" as "the spirit of the glass."

Written by Sandra and Frida.


My name is Elin Björkén and I live in Luleå, Sweden. I´m study on the sports programme, I´m specializing in horse jumping.
I like watching tv, my favourite programme is Desperate Housewives and Glee. On my free time I do homework, ride my horse, watch tv and are with friends. I have a big brother and he is a pilot.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Stina Klasson

Hello there!

My name is Stina Klasson and I’m born 1992-02-12, so I’m now 17 years old. I study the sports programme at an upper secondary school in Luleå, Sweden named “kungsfågeln”. I are specialized in health and wellness and the school subject social science. I live in Gammelstad, Sweden. I have two older siblings, one sister and one brother. On my spare time I like to exorcise different kinds of sports like step up, aerobic, spinning and skiing etc, and this take a lot if time. If I don’t do this I’m with my friends, family and boyfriend. I like chocolate and other sweet tings a lot! As a person I’m funny, energy full, caring and independent.

Lisa and Rebecca (2 cool 4 school...)

My name is Lisa Silver and I’m seventeen years old. I’m living in a town called Luleå, Sweden. I’m the youngest child in our family and my two older siblings have moved out long ago. I’m going my second year on the Sports programme. At my spare time I play football and train in the gym. Last season I played floor ball too, but I haven’t got time for that anymore. I also hang out a lot with my friends and I go and watch my mates play ice hockey when I can. Next week Rebecca Öystilä and me are going to hold a workout for adults. It’s going to be Body pump. Wish me luck!

My name is Rebecca Isberg (Ice mountain in English). I’m seventeen years old. I live in a town called Luleå. I like to hang out with my dear friends and workout in the gym. I go to upper secondary school. I go the Sports programme with outdoor activities for specialisation. We get to do thing like skiing, climbing and skating. Last autumn we climbed to the top of Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden.

Josefin L

My name is Josefin Lämsä. I´m living in Luleå, Sweden.
I´m seventeen years old, soon be turning eighteen.
I study at the sports programme and I'm specializing in Health & Healthcare.
On my sparetime I like to work-out at the gym with different kinds of things.
I have a really cute dog, who´s name is Ariel.

Sara Westman

My name is Sara Westman.

I’m 17 years old.

I live in a small town called Boden with my family.

My family contain my mom Yvonne, my dad Per, my big sister Frida and our little dog called Dumle.

I go upper secondary school in Luleå. I study the sports programme where I’m specialized in football.

The subjects we read are social sciences and athletics.

In my spare time I play a lot of football, work at Ica, I’m a cashier and spend as much time as I can with my friends.

I like the winter very much because of all the snow, I like to go skiing and drive snowcat.