Thursday, 11 March 2010

Basketball Program

There are two different kinds of basketball programs, one is a nationwide program and one is a local program. For the Nationwide program people come from all around the country to try out for the program, if u get accepted you’ll have to leave your current association. At the local Basketball program, the one I go to, you can stay in your current association. At the local program we got 2 trainings a week on Tuesday and Thursday morning, were we train with the nationwide program and their trainers. At the Basketball program we still get the same education as everyone else on the sports program like we can still pick the science subjects or the social subjects and even a subject specialized at economy if we want to. We also get a education in how to referee a Basketball game, like we can be referees for different adges depending on how much time we spend in the education


  1. Here in greece we also play basketball!It is really nice to hear that we have things in common with children from other countries!