Thursday, 17 December 2009

The ghost train in Jokkmokk

For a long time ago, in 1938, a Swedish newspaper named Stockholm-newspaper published the best ghost stories. The stories have actually happend to real people and are recounted in the magazine.This story we now are about to tell you happend to a warm religious and completly trustful person in 1933. These events took place in a village called Njautijaur in Jokkmokk.A company of people travelling by horse were on their way home from a danceshow in a neighbour village when the horse suddenly stopped. The people in the sleigh were very shocked when they saw a train passing by in the middle of nowhere. How can a train be driving here? they all thought, the closest trainway was 3 miles away. They were shocked and suprised when they discovered that the travelers were headless...

After many promtings and lashes the coachman finally got the horse to move again. The horse sat of in fast speed and didn't stop before they reach their home village. When they arrived the horse was in total panic. Some of the women who had experienced the event were in nervous shock weeks after the horrible night. A few a days later a simular event happened to a lapp family, consisting of a father, mother and daughter. When they were walking next to the village they met a strange creature. The creature got everybodys hair standing right up in the air. Not at least the reindeers whos hair along the spine stood straight up and their tails as well. The reindeers backed quickly, tore loose from their leders and sat of lighting fast into the forest. A woman in one of the sleds didn't managed to throw herself out from the sled and followed the reindeers into the forest. When they passed a mire she succeded to jump off, but the puppy who where in the same sled followed the reindeers deep into the woods, and hasn't been found yet...This creature also looked like a human but were headless, just like the passengers in the train...

Retelled by: Mikaela & Beccy

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