Thursday, 17 December 2009

Back in the days people with tuberculosis was treated at a sanatorium in a city in the north of Sweden. Many of the patients couldn’t tell if they were going to survive the disease. Some of them was cured, some was not…
Today the hospital is shut down and left untouched. All the tools, beds, health equipment and towels can still be found in the rooms. People come from different places in Sweden to see this old building. They find it exiting from hearing all the stories about ghost voices and spirits running down the hall.
Unfortunately this has lead to destruction. People have thrown dishes on the floor and broken chairs. Some of the pillows are ripped open. Mirrors and windows are smashed and doors are shattered.
Our friend has been at the sanatorium, she’s been telling us a story about that night she visited this old ghost house. When they arrived they stepped out of the car. The night was as black as you could imagine. Two, of the totally five friends, turned back to the car after about ten meters walking towards the house. They had only brought one lighter, which would turn to be a mistake.
The entering door was old, grumpy and unlocked. They felt the bittersweet smell directly when they entered. They started walking along the hallway, to the left they saw a big lounge and to the right there was a narrow stair downwards to a basement. They all felt chills on their backs but all of them refused to show their fear in front of the others.
They chose to defy their fears and walk down the stairs. In the basement they found an empty pool. In the right corner of the pool they thought they saw a shadow of a small boy but when they looked back again the shadow had disappeared. They didn’t waste much time to consider what kind of shape it was. Suddenly they heard a loud scream and they all frozed to ice. They looked each other ineyes for two seconds then started screaming like babies and ran out of the house as fast as they could. They never returned to the house again. All that's left is the stories.
/ Lisa, Sara, Rebecca

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