Thursday, 17 December 2009

Myths about the “little people”!

In Sweden their has been many stories and myths about the “little people” (småfolk). In the stories it is told that the little people are living next to the humans. Some of them are very helpful and just want to live side by side whit the humans.
They are living in the human barns and help us with our cattle. Because of that we give them food. Classical Swedish food like the traditional meatballs and Christmas porridge.

There are also another kind of the “little people”, they are called “Vittror” and they are not as help- and peaceful as the others. These funny little people are living in the forest and always hang around with their families. So, if you sometime will go out deep into the Swedish forest to pick fungus you should watch where you put your feet so you don’t step into a nest of a “Vittra”. If you do, the “Vittra” will come after you and put their range upon you for ever and eternity.
Nowadays there are not as visible as they were back in the days. Some thinks that the reason to that is because the humans today just run around like crazy rabbits and don’t have the time to take care and appreciate all the help the “little people” actually gave us. Other people just don’t think that the “little people” exist and therefore just show of the whole idea.

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/ Jacob, Fernando, Pierre & Elin

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