Friday, 11 December 2009

Josefin A

My name is Josefin Andersson and I´m seventeen years old. I live with my family and our dog named Betty in Luleå, Sweden. I´m studying my second year on the sports program and I´m specialized in Health and wellness.

In my spare time I like to watch TV series such as Desperate housewives, Gossip girl, The Hills, One tree hill and much more. I also like beeing with my friends and to do other things.


  1. Hi Josefin Andersson !!
    You are exactly like one of my friend.
    She is fond of watching Desperate housewives.
    See you later !!

    PS: you look like Taylor Swift^^

  2. hello!!! you are beautifull.
    so what are you doing ????
    see you later.

  3. I saw your presentation and it was good .
    Anyway take care see you later.