Thursday, 17 December 2009

Local ghost myths in Boden

Boden’s Army museum is haunted. Windows are cracking, music from nowhere and steps in an empty hallway. “It’s nice that their here, as long their good to us” says Annakarin Ronnback, Chief of the museum.

It started about a month ago, with the big windows in the entry. They were cracking up without any explanation. 7 of them of them broke and the company that made them is now running tons of different tests to find out what’s happening. “We still do not know what’s happening, the creator is putting in a lot of energy in trying to fix this. It’s sad but the building is insured. We have to do something about this.” Says Annakarin Ronnback and adding: “Maybe it’s our ghosts that’s behind this”

Mystical sounds

Several of the employees at the museum have experienced strange things in the house: Monitors turned on, a music box is playing, children laughing and noise from upstairs even though no one has been there. They even called the emergency operator sometimes cause the alarm went off when some locked windows were opened and snow came into the building during the night.

Where are the ghosts from?

Parts of the building were a hospital many years ago, during the Spanish flu 1914 a lot of people died, even children. Maybe they’re trying to catch our attention now. The employee doesn’t feel in danger at least.
“The ghosts seem nice. It’s usually when you’re going home that you can hear them. Maybe they don’t want us to leave.” Says Anna-Karin Ronnback.

Have you done anything about this?

We haven't done anything so far and we're not going to, it seems that people come here just because they want to see the ghosts.

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