Thursday, 10 December 2009

Swedish myths

Black Madame
The myth of Black Madame tells you that if you stand in front of a mirror in a bathroom with the lights off and speak out the words: Black Madame, Black Madame, the daughter of the devil, show yourself. During the time you are pronouncing the spell you shall splash some water at the mirror. Then Black Madame shall appear in the mirror.
Many people have tried this and some of them are saying that they've seen her in the mirror and some are saying that they haven't. But I guess you'll never know until you've tried it by yourself..

The spirit in the glass
The spirit in the glass is like a game where you draw all the letters in the alphabet A-Z together with the numbers 0-9 and the words YES, NO, I DON'T KNOW and also START, FINISH. The words must be in a circle as big as the glass you are using.
A mirror should never be in the same room where you are playing this game because the spirit can appear as a reflection in the mirror and then get upset. The spirit will shatter the mirror into pieces.
In the game you need to have a glass and the glass should preferably be warmed-up before. E.G by your hands or by breathing in the glass. The first question you shall ask is if there's a friendly spirit in the room and the participant that is asking the question has to hold the glass to his mouth. Then put the glass upside-down at START, at the game pad and all the participants shall place a finger on the top of the glass. The glass always has to stay upside-down. In order each participant gets to ask a question to the spirit and the glass will slide across the numbers and the letters on the game pad and reveal an answer.
You are not allowed to ask questions about death or the devil.
The game should preferably be exercised in the dark.
Whether it's the spirit himself that is answering the questions or the participants that are moving the glass, you can not really know..
Let's hope that your opponents are honest and fair players.


  1. The myth of Black Madame is really frightening.
    I will try it ...but I hope that the devil's daughter will not appear.^^

  2. Yea !! Great thing, i'm gonna try it tonight, so eager to see Black Madame !!! ^^

  3. the black madame's myth scares a lot!!!!!!
    I would like to try but i'm a little bit scared!! Should i try????

  4. ohhh
    I would like to try!!!
    But i am really scared!!

  5. Oooooh! so scary... =S
    Someone once told me that if I went in front of a mirror to brush my hair at midnight, I would see a ghost.
    I was so curious that I tried but I saw nothing but my face! ^^
    But maybe I didn't try it properly... !

  6. I have already tried this many times but i have never succeeded !!!!!

    I do not really think that it's true.

  7. oooh!!! I will try it one day but i am little bit of scared in Black Madame!!!

  8. It didn't work, maybe i didn't do it correctly or maybe it works only in Sweden. :D

  9. Oh,a bit frightening but wonderful myths!I am going to try at least one of them and see what is going to happen,Thank you!^^