Thursday, 10 December 2009

Ghost of the glases!

Ghost of the glases

To play the spirit of the glass you must be at least two persons. The playing field consists of a large paper with rings where each ring consists of one letter of the alphabet. There are also eleven rings with numbers between 0-10. You draw the rings by yourself by holding a round object on paper and then draw around it. Also draw a ring for the startpoint where the glass assume from after every question. Place a tea light on the start point and light it and put the glass over it. Then each member place a finger on the glass to see the answer to your question. To interrupt the game you take the glass away from the gameplan.
* Do not ask about the Spirit without permission
* Never ask about death
* Be serious, play with serious people
* Exit nicely by saying "thank you and goodbye" to the glass
* If a candle goes out, run away!
* Stop if the Spirit writes 666
* Ask the Spirit of God to play

This is a story about a Swedish girl called Annika Nilsson. When she was a child and teenager, she was fascinated by ghosts , warewolves, monsters and yoga. She also had out-of-body experiences. Once during the upper secondary school time, Annika and her friends decided to play “ghost in the glass” and it worked. They asked questions and the spirit gave them sensible answers across the letters. But they were nasty answers.
The glass said: “Come to me” and began to rotate really fast over the table. One guy did not get any response and when they asked why, “the spirit of the glass” replied : "I do not tolerate him. “I am Satan!"
We got a shock. Blinds were drawn up. I thought that we were looking for God but found Satan instead. Everyone was terrified and crying. We called two priests on duty, but they did not take us seriously," says Annika Faith in the magazine the World No 16 to 980,911. Annika was later saved and got a completely different perspective on life. Nowadays her life is to be a witness for Jesus. This is another example of when Satan reveals himself in the occult and in such "games / experiments" as "the spirit of the glass."

Written by Sandra and Frida.

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