Thursday, 10 December 2009

Fernando and Jacob

My name is Jacob (Jake the cookie) Westman and I’m seventeen years old. Im studying my second year at the sports programme in Luleå. I’m specializing in football. I have chosen to study social science as my base subject. I live with my parents and my two little brothers. When I’m not in school I practise football and when I got time over I hang out with my friends. Now you maybe wonder how we can play football all the year round up here in the snow?
Then I can tell you that we have a special indoor football field inside a great hall, the Arcushall.

Hi there fellows! My name is Fernando Holmqvist Amu! I’m 18 years old, and I’m also studying at the sports programme in Luleå. I’m specializing in football. In my spare time I love to play piano and guitar, hang out with friends and make delicious food with Jake the cookie.


  1. Hi Jacob and Fernando !
    I also like football and we ( my team ) are training hard in it !
    It will be great if we could play sometime but that's impossible, too bad !!!
    Nice to meet you guys !

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  3. yeah boys, how about it? Whiskey or wine? ;)

  4. Hello everybody! First of all, we're really serious in what we do. So the drinks were non alcoholic of course. About the soccer game, why is it impossible??! You know up here i Luleå, Sweden, we have this amazing arena called the Arcushall. Thats a possible location?! The only problem we can see, would be the timedifference, you know the jetlag! Otherwise we're really on to kick some ass in a match ;) Take care and practise a lot!
    Happy christmas! / Jake the cookie & Fernando

  5. jake, it looks like you have a hard on? =)

  6. Lets keep this in a proffesional way, please?!... If thats okey with you, Emilia.

  7. Hey Jake !
    We are in India pal, remember that.
    It will be awesome if one of our school goes to visit the other one.
    Thanks !
    Take care too and practice well !!
    Belated Merry Christmas wishes and a Happy New Year !!

  8. Good thing that it's not an alcoholic drink :D !