Wednesday, 24 February 2010

About the cafés in our schools!

Almost every upper secondary school here in Luleå has some kind of café. They are selling for example yoghurts, sandwiches and different sweets. In my school, called Kungsfågeln, we have a special program called the provisions program. They are baking cookies and sweets that we can buy on our cafée, called Gesellen, for a small price.

The ones that go on the provisions program learns how to bake many sorts of cakes, biscuits, breads and they learn how to manufacture sausage. It is a three years long upper secondary school program for the ones that will become bakers or work in pork butcher’s shops in the future.

If you want to, you can buy healthy food in the most cafés on the schools too, like some fruits or sandwiches. Me and my friends love the cafés! We don't need to go hungry the whole day if we don’t like the food that are served for lunch in school. And if we have a really long and hard day at school, it feels so much better to take a nice break with something nice to eat.

Actually every day feels better with some sweets!


  1. hi our friends from Sweeden!
    My name is Alex and I am a student at 1st lycium of ilioupolis.
    After i 've read your short review about your cafes in your school i am quite impressed because here in greece schools don't have such facilities.Food there is also more healthy than here in schools.Furthermore, there is a wide variety of sweets, and all 'goods' there...
    I "dream" of your school there!
    write to you soon,

  2. Hey !!!
    Your cafe is awesome !!!!
    We have a so called cafe in our school just with chips, juices, chocolates and samosas ( an Indian snack ). But the admins are talking about introducing a cafe like yours, hope it happens !!!!

  3. You have many varities of sweeet in your school cafe which is the opposite in our school cafe !