Thursday, 25 February 2010

Spanish Step 3

If we have read a language before we started Upper secondary school, we are allowed to keep reading it if we want to. We can choose to read this language as an individual choice.
I read the spanish language in Lower secondary school and wanted to keep reading it, so in my second year at Upper secondary school I started reading Spanish step 3.
Since I’ve read it in Lower secondary school I already have the basics of the Spanish language.
In Spanish step 3 we are going to learn tp speak Spanish more floating, and learn a lot of grammar and also to write and understand the language better.
In the end of the study course we do the National tests to see how much we have learned and how good we are. After that we get a grade on the course.
To read a modern language in Upper secondary school and clear the tests and the course, it will give you an advantage if you decide to keep studying after Upper secondary school at a university.

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