Thursday, 4 February 2010

The God of Thunder.

Thor, who is the son of Oden, is also the strongest of all Gods.
He has a red beard and you can describe him with a lot of temperament but he is constant fair.
Thor is married to Siv and together they have three kids named Mode, Mage and Trud.
He is also the God of thunder and all the free men.
As the God of Thunder he travels through the sky with his carriage with his two he-goats called “Tanngnjost” and “Tanngrisner”.
Thor’s only weapon is the hammer Mjölner. When Thor swings the hammer it creates lightning and rumble
But that’s not the only thing that gives Thor his strength, he also has a belt that accomplishes his strength.Thor is a wise man according to the myths and he protected his people against Giants that menace everywhere outside the settlement.

/Victoria & Josefin L.

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  1. Cool myth!It reminds me a lot of our greek mythology and especialy the strongest of the twelve Gods Of Olympus,Zeus.Your whole mythology is really fascinating and I can spend hours studying it.Thank you for posting it.