Thursday, 25 February 2010

Society is for students who want to learn more about human and how this society develop. Humans life and living condition. Community and conflicts are studied both historically and internationally. Social science programme prepares for further Academic studys. You must train to think scientific. You must practice to cooperate and express yourself in speech and writing. Language is important. Reading the modern and classical languages.

What direction is?
*Economy – if you want to learn how businesses and organizations work
*Culture – immersion of the human condition and business has developed
*Social science - immersion in history, social science, philosophy and religious studies.
*Language – immersion in strange languages, except english
We are also direction SPIN international. From a global perspective one learns to understand the humans living and theirs culture. You learn about international conflicts and what they can lead to. We work with organizations in Sweden and other coutries to create a network of contacts with.
The most of studens after the program is studying. There is a small share who do not work. The most of people who read on at univeristy studying law and social society is sales work.

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