Sunday, 21 February 2010


Upper secondary school in Luleå is voluntary and free of charge, which is great.
The upper secondary schools have a really tempting range with mind of your own interests.
In our town, Luleå, we have five upper secondary schools with different directions.
All the schools are gather around just a little bit outside the central town, you can walk to the schools in about ten-fifteen minutes from the central. All the schools are close to shops, cafés and different companies and institutions.
The five different schools are named:
(You can see the similarity that almost every school are named after a bird).

This school have programmes with a connection to different aesthetic directions. For example: Music, fashion and design, theatre and picture.
THE KINGBIRD (who is the smallest bird in Sweden actually).
Is the largest and newest school in Luleå consisting from the old hospital. On this school there are a lot of different programmes, for example: build/construction, hotel and restaurant, the sports programme (our programme), natural science programme and so on.
In this school you can study e.g. at the business programme or the social programme just to name a few.
Is a smaller school that has e.g. different media directions and comprise two buildings. The two buildings are brought together with a sky-walk.
That is a freeschool and there you can choose study an media-programme or a computer-programme.

We also has The Staling which is a library and dining room for all the students that are studying at the Eagle, Woodpecker, Lark. The Kingbird has an own dining room for the students that are going at that school.
The common health sports facility is The House of Health where every class has their athletics.

Which school you go to depends on what direction you make. But it’s not that simple, you have to get good grades to go to the popular directions (for example; the programme of hairdresser have really high grades).
On Luleå’s upper secondary schools you can study national programme, special-design programme and also individual programme.
If you chose to study on a national programme you have to study for about three years and all the national programmes in Luleå gives you a fundamental eligibility to study further on a University.
If you chose an individual programme you study for about a year and you get to decide your own content with consideration of your own needs. The objective for the student is to be able to go and study on a national or a special-design programme.


  1. Hi I liked your information and would like to continue posting more about it .... in fact I did a while ago to work in or call diecast cars on this subject and I was fascinated ... thanks

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    I am going to be in Luleå this spring. I do a great history of american music educational program. I would really like to find out more about the school system. can you please get back to me at

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    we were just in Denmark doing school concerts and we have done many in Norway.

    I have played a blues concert (not in a school) in Luleå before and have a few friends there.

    thanks, George