Tuesday, 23 February 2010

German step 3.

Everybody gets the opportunity to read a language in the lower secondary school, and those are German, Spanish and French. When you continue to the upper secondary school you will get the opportunity to immerse yourself even more in your language or choose another one. The most common among the students is to continue reading the same language and there´s a reason for that. You get benefits in the future if you planning to study further on university, but that’s only if you have read step 3. You see, the language courses are divided in to five steps, and if you choose the same language as you already have been reading on lower secondary school you´ll skip the first two steps and go directly to the third one.

The Swedish National Agency for education has goals for every course and this is some examples for German step 3:

Understand clearly spoken instructions, descriptions and narratives conserving their own area of interests.

Discuss everyday topics and ensure that the discussion doesn’t ends.

Be able to verbal tell about something that the student is familiar to.

Know a little bit about the culture of the countries where the language is spoken.

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