Thursday, 18 February 2010

Special sports

As a student at Luleå Secondary School, you can choose to have your individual sport as part of your secondary education. As a part of your schedule, like any other subject like math or English.
Special sports is an individual education, where the students can choose to practice their own sport in school. They can choose anything from show jumping to ice-skating but not football, basketball or ice hockey because these sports are already a part of the secondary education. If you choose special sports it has to be an individual sport. The lessons are two times a week. There are two courses to choose between, special sports A and special sports B. Special sports A has a duration of two years and special sports B only one year. And all that means that you can, if you want, practice you own sport during the hole secondary education. The sports program work together with your coach and it really helps you to develop your talent, whatever it might be

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