Thursday, 18 February 2010

Swedish school system

Children in Sweden start primary school when they are six years old. They have subjects such as Mathematics, Swedish and Sports. When the schoolday finishes, the children can either go home or stay at school where they can play and be with friends until their parents come and pick them up.

Primary school has four different forms. One class for those who are 6 years old and then first grade, second grade and third grade. Once they have passed the third grade and are about 9-10 years old they move on to the intermediate level and begins the fourth grade. The school is becomming more advanced during the intermediate level. More subjects are added, such as English, History, Religion, Geography and the Student´s Choice where they can choose from various topics, such as Theater.

Once the students have passed the sixth grade and are about 12-13 years old they move on to lower secondary school and begin seventh grade. School is getting even more advanced in lower secondary school. Even more subjects are added, such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In the eighth grade the students start getting marks in all the subjects they are taught. At the end of the ninth grade they get their last lower secondary school marks and with those they have to try to get into the upper secondary school program they would like to attend.

Once the students have passed the ninth grade and are about 16-17 years old they move on to upper secondary school. Before they start upper secondary school each one of them must apply to differnt upper secondary school programs with various directions. There is, for example, the sports program, which we in this class are attending and so much more. The students attend upper secondary school for three years and then they graduate when they are about 18-19 years old. When they have graduated from upper secondary school, they can choose if they what to start working or studying at the university, or if they want to do something else, maybe traveling.

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