Monday, 22 February 2010


In the sports programme in Luleå secondary school you have to read Swedish A and B. Now we are reading our second school year at the secondary school and then we read Swedish B. That is a continuation of Swedish A. After finishing this course we hopefully manage to fill these points:

  • Be able to convey our and others thought in text and speech, make compilations and conclusions and make our arguments heard so the people who read our hear it will understand.

  • Is a better writer and be able to use the writing later in life.

  • Be able to compare literary works from different epochs.

  • Be familiar with work from diffferent parts of the world made in different time periods.

  • Be able to see differences in languages who can be related to age, work, residence and so on.

  • Have knowledge of the development of the Swedish language.

The grades you can reach is: IG = very bad. G = good. VG = very good. MVG = very, very good. And the better you are the higher grade you will get.

In the swedish lessons we do a lot of different things, we read, we speak, we write and read poems, we write stories, we learn grammar, our teacher has lecture, we watch movies, we write book reflections and sometimes we do other things related to the Swedish language. For example we had a author on visist a couple of months ago. She was telling us about her works and we had the chance to ask questions about her and where she gets her inspiration from.

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