Thursday, 25 February 2010

Health and healthy care

The upper secondary school in Luleå, Sweden has a programme called “Health hand healthy care” This direction addressed to you with a big interest in exercise. This programme gives you excellent knowledge and personal development through that you learn to act as leader in various forms of exercise. You will learn how the leadership works and by you’re self leading a group both in the health and healthy care class and external groups outside the class, for examples.

What is expected of you that aplying and going this program?

  • A healthy way of living with understanding of the link between health, food, exercise and rest!
  • Good basiccantition!
  • Good basic strength!
  • Interest to will develop your leadership!
  • positive attitude to learn new things and new insights!
  • A high degree of ability to cooperate!
  • Courage to take new challenges!

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