Thursday, 25 February 2010

English B

In the Swedish upper secondary school we have 4 different courses in English. The courses vary in severity, English A is the easiest one, then English B, English C and after that we have something called English C to Cambridge Certificate that you can choose in certain programmes. The last one has the most advanced English and after that course you're able to take a test and if you pass that, you're considered as a bilingual.
In the second year at upper secondary school you read English B. The course is 100 hours. In the course you have different goals of what you must learn. You're supposed to learn how to read, summarize and comment on the content of a longer text. Understand advanced English even if the content is something unknown. You're must be able to discuss different subjects and keep the discussion alive. To present your country and the culture for someone with a different cultural background. Then we have something called the national tests when the hole country has the opportunity the do the same test. They are different parts such as listening, reading, writing and speaking.
The tests in English are designed to test students knowledge in a variety of ways.
Which grade you get in the course depends on how your performance on the tests has been and how involved you were in class.

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  1. how and where can i get English B? Because I'm not Swedish and I want study here . So I need it .